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Identifier: MSS
Collections from individuals and organizations with ties to Lincoln Park, social justice, the Catholic Left, and women's and community advocacy organizations are found in this collection. The tabs in the linked research guide are general categories for the collections, and each collection offers a diverse array of formats and subjects better explained by reading individual finding aids.

Found in 98 Collections and/or Records:

DePaul University Lincoln Park Study Group records

Identifier: MSS0069
Scope and Contents

The DePaul University Lincoln Park Study Group records contain transcripts and cassette tapes of interviews conducted by DePaul faculty member Charles S. Suchar with residents of Lincoln Park. This collection also includes unpublished essays written by members of the Lincoln Park Study Group, as well as reports, correspondence, and other administrative materials documenting the work of the Lincoln Park Study Group.

Dates: 1983-1990

Douglas Post papers

Identifier: MSS0062
Scope and Contents

This collection contains drafts of theatre productions and screenplays written by Douglas Post. Additional materials related to Post can be found in the Victory Gardens Theater Collection, Box 15 and Box 24.

Dates: 1983-2022

Elizabeth Ware papers

Identifier: MSS0101
Scope and Contents

The Elizabeth Ware papers contain the research files for Ware’s two publications as well as the exhibition materials from the 1999 exhibit at DePaul University’s John T. Richardson Library. These materials include photocopied primary and secondary sources as well as a few original primary sources. Researchers will also find photographs of the Seminary Townhomes commissioned by Ware in 1993 and her research notes.

Dates: 1893-2005

Elmer Maas Plowshares collection

Identifier: MSS0094
Scope and Contents

The Elmer Maas Plowshares collection dates from the 1940s to 2005, with the majority of materials starting in the 1970s. The collection is separated into two series: Plowshares and Legal Research Files. The Plowshares series includes files about specific actions, general information about Plowshares, writings by Maas, photographs, and videos. The Legal Research Files include various files Elmer Maas maintained about legal topics such as justification and jury nullification.

Dates: 1940s-2005; Majority of material found within 1970s-2005

Fournier Institute of Technology records

Identifier: MSS0071
Scope and Contents

This collection contains documentation of the history of the Fournier Institute of Technology, correspondence and memoranda, handbooks, memorabilia, speeches delivered by Arthur J. Schmitt, publications and photographs. Also included in this collection are legal documents from the Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation and from the Fournier Institute of Technology.

Dates: 1942-1969; Majority of material found within 1942-1969

Frank Di Benedetto Lincoln Park collection

Identifier: MSS0126
Scope and Contents The Frank Di Benedetto Lincoln Park collection documents fragments of family life in Lincoln Park from 1897 to 2013. The material in the collection include advertisements, photographs, and correspondence. Other materials, like dance cards, newspaper clippings, pamphlets and flyers are also part of the collection. Some of the correspondence within Gunther Drucklieb's file candidly expresses the draft during World War I, and also the state of Germany after the war (box 1, folder 7). Marie...
Dates: 1897-2013; Majority of material found within 1908-1972

Frederick Biehl papers

Identifier: MSS0001
Scope and Contents

Spanning nearly a century, the papers of Frederick Biehl contain his correspondence, various spiritual discourses, research material, religious memorabilia, and photographs. Included in the collection are materials linking Biehl with the excommunicated Episcopalian Bishop William Montgomery Brown; George Grimm, author of The Doctrine of the Buddha, The Religion of Reason and Meditation and the international spy I.T. Trebitsch Lincoln.

Dates: 1907-1989; Majority of material found within 1916-1950

Gale Cincotta collection

Identifier: MSS0090
Scope and Contents The Gale Cincotta collection was created by Michael Westgate and Ann Vick-Westgate during their eight years of research for the book Gale Force: Gale Cincotta and the Fight for Community Reinvestment (2011). This collection includes the authors’ notes, research files, various publications collected during their research, and transcripts of interviews conducted for the book. Westgate met Cincotta in 1973 while working at the Federal Home Loan and Bank Board. After Cincotta’s death in 2001,...
Dates: 1957-2011; Majority of material found within 2002-2005

Grant Park Cultural and Educational Community records

Identifier: MSS0082
Scope and Contents This collection contains correspondence, meeting minutes, photographs, publicity, reports, and publications created by or related to GPCEC or the many civic organizations it partnered with in Chicago. Some of these other organizations include the Mayor's office, the Burnham Park Planning Board, Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), and the Greater State Street Council. The collection also contains documentation of various issues the GPCEC was involved with, including the expansion of McCormick...
Dates: 1964-1995; Majority of material found within 1985-1992

Greek Orthodox Youth of America collection

Identifier: DPUA0002
Scope and Contents The Greek Orthodox Youth of America files were maintained by Andrew Kopan, the elected National Chairman of GOYA in 1958, who was involved with the organization since its beginning during the post-WWII Orthodox Youth movement. These files highlight Andrew Kopan’s involvement from pre-GOYA youth groups to the construction, administration, and direction of the organization. These materials include meeting minutes, correspondence, publications, and other organizational records that relate to...
Dates: 1940-1999; Majority of material found within 1950s-1960s

Harry F. Chaddick papers

Identifier: MSS0056
Scope and Contents

The Harry F. Chaddick papers include documentation about the shopping malls Chaddick developed, the zoning laws he created, and the city plans he advanced. The collection consists of plans, maps, photographs, building codes, and zoning proposals. It begins with biographical information about Chaddick, including planning materials for his autobiography.

Dates: 1937-1992; Majority of material found within 1957-1988

Heath Row zine collection

Identifier: MSS0003
Scope and Contents

This collection serves as a record of the work of Heath Row and demonstrates the wide variety of content and audiences for zine production and distribution.

Dates: 1971-2009

Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence records

Identifier: MSS0004
Scope and Contents The records span the years 1975 to 2009, with most of the records dated between 1985 and 1999. Files from 1975 to 1978 are primarily materials collected by ICADV and used for their research or materials related to the founding of the Coalition. Publications, the first series, include publications both produced and collected by ICADV. For Better Times is the most extensive of the publications and documents the work that ICADV was doing from 1981 until 2003. This quarterly publication is a...
Dates: 1975-2009; Majority of material found within 1985-1999

Jack Farwick photographs

Identifier: MSS0102
Scope and Contents

The Jack Farwick collection is a series of photographs of the DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus and neighborhood buildings taken in the 2000s. It includes photographs of the demolition of the DePaul Alumni Center, the Baby Factory on Fullerton and Racine, and the construction of the Lincoln Park Campus Student Center.

Dates: 2000-2010

James Maronek papers

Identifier: DPUA0206
Scope and Contents These files include sketches, notes, research materials, blueprints, invoices, correspondence, reviews, news clippings, programs, account ledgers, set elevations, set models and finished set designs used in Maronek's work for each production. The information included in each production varies, but most include sketches and notes. Aside from the boxes of production files, there are rolled containers in chronological order, and a group of oversized files from productions, and programs from...
Dates: 1950-2002

Jerome C. Berrigan papers

Identifier: MSS0005
Scope and Contents The Jerome C. Berrigan Papers documents the life and career of Jerome “Jerry” Berrigan as well as the materials he collected as the Berrigan family historian. Biographical materials about Jerry include newspaper articles, academic records, speeches and essays, personal bibles, correspondence and documents about his career as an educator, and articles and writings by and about his wife and children. Jerry’s speeches span the dates 1957 to 2008 and address educational, civil rights,...
Dates: 1886-2011; Majority of material found in 1970-2003

Kathy Moseley zine collection

Identifier: MSS0006
Scope and Contents

This collection is composed primarily of personal zines but also includes zines on other subjects such as comics, literature/poetry, music, special interests, zine related resources, and women’s issues. Although Moseley’s zine Semi Bold is not featured in this collection, back issues can be found in the Chicago Great Lakes Underground Press Collection.

Dates: 1995-2007

Kim Nolan zine collection

Identifier: MSS0008
Scope and Contents

The Kim Nolan zine collection is a mixture of zines created from 1986 to 1997. Nolan’s involvement in the early 1990s hardcore and straight-edge music scene, as well as her interest in feminism and activism, is evident throughout the collection.

Dates: 1986-1997; Majority of material found within 1990-1996

La Leche League International records

Identifier: MSS0009
Scope and Contents The La Leche League International, LLLI, records span the dates 1956 to 2011. The records include documentation about the organization's foundation, mission, and expansion since 1956. Materials include publications, meeting minutes, correspondence, conference files, reports, and some photographs and memorabilia. Some of the significant topics represented in these files are women's health issues, breastfeeding research, role of women in society and family, parenting, and the global reach of...
Dates: 1956-2012; Majority of material found within 1960s-1990s

Ladies Auxiliary of Grant Hospital records

Identifier: MSS0084
Scope and Contents

The Ladies Auxiliary of Grant Hospital records consist of meeting minutes, financial statements, and annual reports. These materials are bound in books, each spanning several years.

Dates: 1911-1994

Ladies of Charity of the United States of America (LCUSA) records

Identifier: MSS0010
Scope and Contents This collection documents the administration and charitable programs of the national and regional Ladies of Charity organizations with records from a small number of local associations. These records mainly detail the communication between LCUSA and the local associations through correspondence, publication, and presidential visits. Instructions and rules for governing associations, constitutions, manuals, and Board of Directors meetings, also weigh heavily in this collection. Each magnitude...
Dates: 1857-2014; Majority of material found within 1957-1994

Latino Institute records

Identifier: MSS0011
Scope and Contents The Latino Institute records span the dates 1965 to 2001. The collection contains organizational records such as historical information, goals, financial records, and minutes of the meetings of the Corporate Board, Administrative and General Staff. Additional material includes subject files, personal office records, financial files, reports, research files, and external publications. The Latino Institute’s efforts to establish bilingual education programs in Chicago Public Schools are also...
Dates: 1965-2001

Latino Policy Forum records

Identifier: MSS0095
Scope and Contents

The Latino Policy Forum records primarily document the strategic planning and expansion of the organization’s focus that occurred in the mid-2000s. The records include meeting minutes, strategic planning documents, research findings and policy recommendations on key issues identified by the organization: education, housing, and immigration.

Dates: 1996-2008

Leon Stein papers

Identifier: MSS0012

Lincoln Central Neighborhood Association records

Identifier: MSS0017
Scope and Contents

The Central Neighborhood Association records include governing documents and correspondence related to the organization and its activities. Newsletters, minutes of community, CAPS, and board meetings, and materials documenting community events are also part of this collection. Documents relating to Children's Memorial Hospital, Oz Park, the St. Vincent DePaul Center, and Lincoln Park High School have been interfiled with the Lincoln Park Conservation Association Records.

Dates: 1957-2008

Lincoln Park Archery Club records

Identifier: MSS0125
Scope and Contents The Lincoln Park Archery Club records range in date from 1936 to 1952. These records include photographs, newsletters, and a scrapbook. Some of the materials, such as an issue of American Bowman Review and newspaper clippings, do not specifically mention the LPAC but do pertain to the subject of archery. Club memorabilia, such as patches and ribbons also are included. Some of the items within the collection appeared to have belonged to two members of LPAC, Alice Cook and Jane Long....
Dates: 1936-1952; Majority of material found within 1936-1952

Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce records

Identifier: MSS0018
Scope and Contents

The Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce Records contain by-laws, newsletters, correspondence, membership lists, reports, press releases, publicity, photographs, and memorabilia created by or documenting the activities of the LPCC. This collection also contains materials related to neighborhood events, urban renewal efforts, and various LPCC committees.

Dates: 1950-2014

Lincoln Park Community Conservation Council records

Identifier: MSS0019
Scope and Contents

The LPCCC records consist of meeting minutes, reports, correspondence, memos and other organizational papers. Documents related to land use and planning are also included.

Dates: 1941-2001

Lincoln Park Community Research Initiative records

Identifier: MSS0020
Scope and Contents

The Lincoln Park Community Research Initiative records consist of meeting minutes, correspondence, newspaper clippings and materials documenting various events organized by LPCRI. Audiovisual materials and oral history transcripts are also part of this collection.

Dates: 1952-2011; Majority of material found within 1999-2011

Lincoln Park Conservation Association records

Identifier: MSS0016
Scope and Contents The Lincoln Park Conservation Association records contain reports, minutes of community meetings, correspondence, maps, photographs, promotional materials, publicity, financial records, and publications of the LPCA and of its seven affiliated neighborhood associations, the Lincoln Central Association, the Mid-North Association, the Old Town Triangle Association, the Park West Neighborhood Association, the Ranch Triangle Association, the Sheffield Neighborhood Association and the Wrightwood...
Dates: 1893-2007; Majority of material found within 1950s-1990s